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The European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is one of the biggest engineering competitions in Europe. The competition is organised by BEST, in which more than 5000 students from 88 leading universities in 32 countries participate every year.

Students can apply to the competition in teams of four, where they get the chance to experience working in a team. The aim of the competition is to give Students an opportunity to test the knowledge gained during their studies and to challenge their problem solving and creative thinking skills in a friendly atmosphere. No prior preparation is needed, the tasks will be distributed at the event and the solutions need to be created throughout the competition day.



MARCH 5th – MARCH 6th

Local round with students from Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Teams of four will compete to be qualified for the regional round of the Team Design and Case Study categories.




Regional round, where the local round category winners of six technical universities from Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia compete with each other for the participation in the finals.




The final, where the winners of the 15 national and regional rounds in both categories compete for the final win.


Team Design

During the competition teams of four will tackle a technical problem in practice. The team has to design a physical solution using the given materials.

The teams need to solve the problem in a limited amount of time and present their solution to the EBEC jury. The jury consists of experts from academia and the industry and the team will be judged on the quality of their solution, their presentation and their creativity. Application

Case Study

In this category, teams of four students gather to provide a solution to a technical or management problem provided by our case study partners. Mostly this is a genuine realistic problem that needs to be tackled by consultants or corporate clients. The problem is complex and requires complex problem solving skills and fast processing of the information received.

The various teams will be given a limited amount of time to solve the task and pitch their approach to our EBEC jury. The jury will consist of experts in the subject field, from both academia and industry. The teams will be judged on creativity, teamwork and approach to the issue. Application


We are waiting for the applications of teams of four BME students with active student status!

Use the form below to sign up for each team member and enter the commonly agreed name team name so that we can identify you.


Your application becomes valid only after uploading your CV in the form.


Our Partners


Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Budapest is the world’s largest developer and manufacturer of railway braking systems employing more than 1800 people. The Budapest location is responsible for the most modern bogie equipments, brake control systems and air supply products. Also executes group-level projects in product innovation, software and hardware R&D. The braking systems from Budapest are used in railway vehicles in about twenty countries all over the world. The annual revenue of the company has exceeded EUR 350 million in 2019. The company was awarded Company of the Year by the jury of Figyelő TOP200 in 2019.


For more than 120 years, the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (SZTNH) has provided an environment in which ideas and inventions are safe. It focuses on strengthening enterprise innovation, supporting university and enterprise R&D, and strengthening the relationship between them. The aim of the SZTNH is to show that an enterprise with patents, trademarks, copyrights and protected innovative solutions has a higher value than competitors that neglect to do so. We want to raise awareness among career starter, creative professionals that innovation is a quantifiable value that can be understood by the market. We teach you how to spot innovative solutions and show how an idea can become value.



In case you have any questions, feel free to contact our participant responsible, Ádám Lídia on the following email address:

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